"Christie Has It Covered"


I Am CHIC is a lifestyle consulting business.  We specialize in wardrobe and closet consulting making your "What should I wear" decisions easier. We take you from nothing to wear to everything to wear, from messy closet to organized closet, from looking blah to looking chic!

I Am CHIC services are for active individuals who like to look classy and chic. 

INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS include on-air television personalities, senior level executives, attorneys, political candidates and philanthropic socialites.  Clients range from Size 0 to Size 24.  

CORPORATE CLIENTS include American Express, Becker Lawyers and City College.

I Am CHIC has clients in Florida, California, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, Maryland and Virginia.

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About Christie

Being a great dresser is easy and natural for Christie. From being voted by her 6th grade teachers as "Best Groomed," to being voted by her high school classmates as "Best Dressed" for 3 consecutive years to being named 2012 Brickell's Best Dressed with a feature in Brickell Magazine, Christie has a great eye for fashion.

Almost every day, whether in casual or business attire, Christie's wardrobe is complimented. She's been called the Arbritrar d'elegancia (Judge of Fashion).

Christie has traveled to 4 world continents and has shopped in fashion forward cities of Paris, London, Hong Kong, Bogota, Rio de Janiero and New York. In Hong Kong, she designed her own custom made suits.

After being asked many times by friends and colleagues to shop with them, Christie knew she had a niche. Even more, she also knew that most already had great clothes in their closets, they just needed help in coordinating them...then I Am CHIC was founded!

Christie has degrees from Spelman College and Manchester Business School.

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Shop Your Closet

People often feel they have nothing to wear, even with a closet full of clothes.  I Am CHIC believes in shopping your closet.  A simple re-organization of your closet reminds you of what you have.  With my fresh perspective, I leave you new outfits from your own closet!!  Clients learn strategies to organize their closets to make putting together chic outfits easier.  I Am CHIC gives advice on creative ways to build a fashionable wardrobe.  Clients are informed of the critical pieces missing from their closet. 

Shop For New

Ready for a different look?  I will pick out fashionable pieces to compliment your personality, skin tone and figure.  We can shop together or you give me your budget and I will deliver your new wardrobe to you.   




Not everything in your closet is right for you, but it may be right for someone else.  Together, we decide what is best to keep and what you should consign, sell online or donate.   

I Am CHIC partners with various organizations to receive donations from I Am CHIC clients.

We have partnered with Casa Valentina (organization for 18-year old's aging out of foster care) to deliver 10 suits, 5 dresses and numerous separates to the 18 year old's needing chic interview suits.

We have partnered with Florida Memorial University to deliver 15 dresses, 8 suits and numerous separates, scarves and portfolios for students needing interview suits and business attire.  




“Just the few things we worked on regarding organizing have already been life changing. You have a gift Christie.” Willette

“You are so much better than the consultants I have worked with in the past.” Betty

“Thanks to Christie, I am making new combinations from my existing wardrobe, and getting great compliments.” Nerissa

I am at a whole new level of chic, even in my casual daily wear. I so enjoyed our closet consulting session.” Diana

Wearing another I Am CHIC outfit today…I need lots of positivity and looking/feeling chic helps a lot.” Adriana

“Your demeanor made it easy for me to part with items and adopt a new way of thinking. I particularly appreciated how you communicated ‘no,’ or that you did not like a particular item. Moreover, you were very generous with your compliments. Your reactions left me feeling more positive about myself” Suzette